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Final Ethnography Paper and Powerpoint

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The paper and presentation portion of this assignment are attached, as well as all previous completed portions that you are to use where required.

The four pages are not to include the title and reference page. Thank you.

Final piece (reflection). Please include this labeled as its own separate section at the end.

Week Eight Assignment Instructions

By the end of this term (end of week 8), you will submit a final personal reflection paper on the process of conducting your ethnographic research and completing your final music ethnography paper.
Your personal reflection paper should be approximately 4 paragraphs (10 points). Summarize your experience with your music ethnographic study of a musical culture. Use these questions to guide you.

• How did you organize your research process as you explored the musical culture of your choice? Share any key events in your process.
• In what ways do you feel this experience has enhanced your understanding of music as cultural and historical human expression?
• What have you learned about the structure and elements of music through your study?
• What do you feel are the biggest challenges for understanding music from other cultures?
• What are the advantages of immersing yourself in a music culture that is different from your own?
• How has your inquiry into a world music culture affected your own attitude and openness toward new styles of music?
• Share any plans you have to continue to explore cultures of the world through the arts.

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