Final Assignment

Final Assignment

Two Universities are about to merge together. The Ministry of Higher Education decided that both Universities must merge together by 26th October, 2016.
The American University of Al Ain (6 years old with 3000 current students) is to merge with the British University of Al Ain (7 years old with 2800 current students) and form a new entity in Al Ain city. Both Universities are privately owned by different owners. The owners have no objections as they do not have a choice because the Ministry of Higher Education would withdraw the accreditation if the merger does not go through.

Apart from the fact that the merger itself needs change management, there is another fact that is equally important. The fact that The American University of Al Ain is a very very high tech University using the latest technology in every department, it is a ‘smart’ University following the American educational system of credit hours. On the other hand, however, the British University of Al Ain is not very traditional (not high tech) and follows the British educational system. Of course, both Universities have highly qualified faculty and staff. Both Universities have similar programs.

The presidents of both Universities are extremely anxious (they know one of them has to go as a University should have only one president).

The news of the merger is not public yet. Only the two presidents are informed. No one else knows.
Here is what you are supposed to do:

Because you have knowledge in Change Management, you have been approached, by the Ministry of Higher Education, to offer advice. You are, therefore, required to write a report of Maximum 12 pages offering your advice of how they should implement the change. There are many issues that you must address for example:
– Put a case for change (why they should change? Objectives of the change)
– What are the possible impacts of the change on ALL stakeholders and how to deal with these impacts?
– Who should lead the change? Type of leadership style required, Propose a team.
– Prepare the culture to accept the change – also deal with resistance
– Propose a change model that they can follow
– Explain how each phase of the model may be achieved
– How do you propose to maintain the change? Sustainability issues.
– You are gonna love this – Name the new University ?.


1- Your report must not exceed 12 pages including cover page, references, appendices etc.
2- Use Times New Roman font size 12 @ 1.5 line spacing.
3- The report should look professional. No unnecessary photos or decoration for example.
4- Rubric of the first assignment applies here too.
5- The more references you use the richer your report will be and will reflect on the grade. Of course you must use the Harvard style for referencing.
6- Be as innovative as possible.
7- I welcome your opinions and suggestions but you MUST back them by references in order to strengthen your arguments. For example, if you suggest a way to deal with resistance then back this by a published research paper or a case study.
8- You are NOT supposed to base all the report on a single case study.

10- You may use ‘I’ because you are writing a report as an expert (consultant). You are NOT going to have any role in the change management. You are simply offering an initial advice.
11- You must submit through the Turnitin System.

Please use online references as well like journals and PDFs

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