Film Analysis

Film Analysis
The assignments are two parts, one is oral presentation which is just the script that I’m going to read in front of my classmates .The second is analytical papers which are all about the same topic.
You will be analyzing Batman begins movie2005 of the director Christopher Nolan from particular perspective or critical approach Auteur Theory.
More explanation :
Part one:
The oral presentation, ( the script ) I need to provide my audience (classmates) 15 minute lecture in which I will briefly explain :
1- why I have chosen this particular critical method to use for analyzing this particular film- why this method (in my case, the auteur theory+ batman begins movie) in particular would be a valuable way of approaching this movie.
2- Then I will spend the rest of time focusing on my key aspects of the film from that particular perspective. During my presentation, I have to show film clips from this film (each clip should be 2-3 minutes – Five clips will be enough ). You can find the clips from YouTube.
3- You should provide some examples about the use of auteur theory on others Christopher’s films in the script of the presentation, because you trying to show how Batman begins movieto fits into most of his movies (how his film connected to each other). For example there are some elements recurring in each Nolan’s film, and they are connected to his perspective, his vision and his style technically.

Notes about the presentation:
1- You can find this film’s clip from the YouTube or any website .
2- You have to put the link from YouTube in the script ( copy paste ) .
3- You have to use this phrases while you writing the script . For example : The next clip shows how Nolan made ….. etc . Example 2 : This clip clearly shows how Nolan an actor ……. etc.Exa3 : Identity in this clip appears that ….. etc.
4- You have to mention the characters’ names and the plot because some students may have not seen the movie. For example certain situation played by someone.
5- You have to give briefly what is the meaning or the definition of the auteur theory.
6- Don’t spending much times telling the story,So be careful about that.
7- The total time for the presentation is 15 minutes.
8- The script should be writtenin 3 pages only. not lees or more

You should watch the movie in order to be able to analyze it.

Part two:is the analytical research paper, which is also about the same film and theory too:

I would be analyzing the same film from the particular perspective or critical approach that I have chosen in this assignment . However, the written paper would be a longer, more formal analysis of the same film from the same perspective. For examples of this kind of analysis, any academic book on Christopher Nolan would have at least a chapter that would focus on this film, and there should be at least a few journal articles on this film may be useful for this analysis.

Important notes:
1- In the paper you have to use at least more than 6 resources.
2- You have to mention what critics said about how Auteur theory is used in most of Christopher Nolan’s film.
3- The length of the paper most be 15 to 16 pages plus the cover and the references’ pages.
4- Be careful about the plagiarism.
5- This professor likes too much the paper which makes him thinks, so be creative.
6- If you have any question, please let me know before you write the paper.

Note : For this assignment : I’m waiting the script for my presentation ( 3 pages ) – and the paper( 16 pages ) ..

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