Fetishism of Commodities and Relevance to Visual Communication

Essay Question: What does Marx mean when he talks about the fetishism of commodities?
 Reflect on what a “commodity” is and how it is different from an ordinary object. Discuss specific visual examples where Marx’s insight is relevant to the practice of visual communication today?

These identify the standards required to pass the module
-Evidence that you can compose a critical essay question within the context of themes covered within the module.
-Evidence of your comprehension and ability to analysis theoretical texts.
-Evidence that you can communicate effectively in written form analytical discussion on visual communication in critical terms.
-Evidence that you can reflect on the context of visual communication in the wider field of visual culture.
-Evidence that you can understand and synthesise complex information and structure your findings to form new ideas and thinking on a topic.

(A maximum of 5 strong internet sources)

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