Fashion Icon (Jane Birkin)

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Filmstars, models, brands, bloggers, designers, stores, cities, streets all have specific resonance with the fashion marketing industry. How their influence manifests in fashion marketing.


  1. a) From the literature (academic and fashion sources) about your chosen fashion icon: history / identity / fashion marketing relevance and influence.
  2. b) From the literature (academic and fashion business sources) about fashion marketing principles and practices: notably regarding specific fashion marketing campaigns. Your essay should show the application of fashion marketing principles. You should also include references to the research you undertook from point a).
  3. c) Primary research–make primary research visits(including field research,store visits and exhibitions) to collect additional research. You must take your own photographs and use a selection of these in your essay to illustrate your discussion and support your arguments. You should integrate this primary research with the secondary research gathered from points a) and b) in order to make evaluations.


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