Fashion business and analysis

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Working as small peer-learning groups, during the timetabled workshops, complete three Excel spreadsheet tasks (balance sheets/budgeting, ratios/metrics and absorption costing/activity based costing) given to you for the workshops.

As an individual, produce a 1000 word (+/- 10%) written piece to compare and contrast the two approaches to costing (1 paragraph) and the potential impact on profits (1 paragraph). This will include a brief justification of the data sources used (from where they would be generated and what they relate to – 1 paragraph); a brief description of the method(s) and tool(s) used for analysis (a simple table of the Excel formulas/relationships used) and your interpretation of the data in the wider economic context (what impact macro-economic factors may have on the costs of direct materials, direct labour etc. and consequent business decisions – 1 paragraph).

This coursework is designed to assess the unit learning outcomes underlined below.

Knowledge and Understanding
1.Explain, analyse and motivate key economic principles, accounting concepts, business metrics and statistical techniques relevant to contemporary challenges in Fashion Business.
2.Comprehensively explain and exemplify the nature of business analysis and the application of information systems/technology problems to address these in contemporary Fashion Business scenarios.

Intellectual Skills
3.Apply, question and relate and select a range of economic principles, accounting concepts, business metrics and statistical techniques a range of theories relevant to the systematic analysis and appraisal of contemporary fashion business environments and organisations.
4.Analyse, evaluate and interpret appropriate material from a variety of sources.

Practical Skills
5.Appraise, select and apply appropriate tools of analysis, including software packages and computer-based approaches, to inform and support business decision making processes.
6.Use appropriate sources to gain relevant information to inform and support decision making in contemporary Fashion Business.

Transferable Skills and Personal Qualities
7.Analyse, interpret and report clearly on data or information in accordance with a given brief; using communication methods appropriate to the context.


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