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The aim of this coursework is to produce a 2500 report based on your assessment and\nrecommendation of appropriate HR role

and structure of HR service delivery for the\ncompany below .\nVodafone has, within 25 years, become the world’s leading
mobile\ntelecommunication company. From a conglomerate of acquisitions, it\nhas moved towards the formation of a singular
identity – that of “One\nVodafone”. It realizes that their business is highly people dependent and\nhas invested huge time and
resources in its people. There are 9\nsubsidiaries operating in the European region – including a UK division \
nemploying 50,000
people.\nYour task is as follows:\n1.) Examine the organisation’s European structure and the HR challenges it\nfaces.\n2) Critically
discuss factors which may shape the HR delivery structure.\n3) Critically assess the impact of implementation on the
organization\n4) Importance of establishing service standards and managing and monitoring\n HR services.\n5) Outline
recommendations for the HR role and the structure of HR service\ndelivery, providing a rationale for your suggestions. \n


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