exploring Health Education in the 21st Century (Project Part 3)

exploring Health Education in the 21st Century (Project Part 3)

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Final Project Component 3
As a health educator, designing and developing health education programs will be an important aspect of your role. Central to the health education model and framework for your proposed health education program, you will need to also consider the budgetary and personnel requirements to ensure that your program is administered appropriately. For example, how much funding will your health education program require to be administered over a 5-month period? Would you need a research assistant or data manager to assist in the implementation of your health education program? Would it be necessary to hire other health-related personnel or staff such as a nurse, dietitian, or physical activity specialist for your program?
Questions like these in addition to others related to necessary resources, such as office supplies, office space, compensation for participants, etc.…help health educators in the design and development of their health education program. Additionally, taking the steps to plan out their program, budgetary and personnel requirements also represent important criteria when seeking grant funding through proposal development. These considerations are important in determining how successful your health education program may be.
For this Assignment, review the Point Mar Case Study and download the Budget Worksheet and the Personnel Worksheet provided in this week’s Learning Resources. Consider the budgetary and personnel needs for the administration and implementation of your health education program to address the health issue that you selected in Week 2 for the Final Project.
Note: In grading this Assignment, your Instructor uses the Final Project Components Rubric, located in the Course Information area. Review the Rubric prior to completing your Assignment.
The Assignment (2–4 pages)
Complete the budget worksheet for your health education program.
Complete the personnel worksheet for your health education program. Be sure to include brief job descriptions and qualifications needed for the personnel identified. Be specific and provide examples.

Note: Be sure to include the salary associated with these job roles and they match the salaries identified in the budget worksheet.
Submit your Assignment by Day 7.

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