Explaining Bauhaus concept and Ulm Concept.

1. Research Artists and artwork is need to including in the essay to discuss.
2. Explain Bauhaus concept and Ulm Concept
3. Link the Concept to question and artwork together.( key issue of essay are missing example to descript.)
4.re range the essay structure.
Introduction key concept answer why & historical
Bauhaus & Ulms + arties (artwork) 1 discussion
Bauhaus & Ulms + arties (artwork) 2 discussion
Bauhaus & Ulms + arties (artwork) 3 discussion
Bauhaus & Ulms + arties (artwork) 4 discussion
Allways link to back to answer question.
1. How have schools of Design such as the Bauhaus and The Ulm influenced design and visual art today? Discuss using four examples of visual art and/or design. Examples of artists could include Tobias Rehberger, Pae White, and Joe Scanlan.
Assessment criteria:
• Evidence of understanding the key issues raised in the question
• Developing a persuasive argument in response to the question

• Breadth and depth of research and evidence of critical reading. No generic websites, evidence of a range of sources other than web-based. At least 2 library based books to be consulted

• Ability to critique visual imagery and evidence of the social, historical and theoretical context in which visual art emerges.

• Use of appropriate use of language, referencing and other scholarly apparatus.
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