Ethics and Integrity Assignment Help.

Ethics and Integrity


Write a half to one (1/2 to 1) page (150 to 275 words) journal entry in which you:

  1. Explain three (3) important elements of ethics, morality, and integrity that will relate to your desired role in the field of criminal justice.
  2. Complete the page requirement.


The specific course learning outcome(s) associated with this assignment are:

  • Explain the role of ethics and integrity in the criminal justice profession, and the higher standard expected of criminal justice professionals.
  • Write clearly and concisely about ethics and leadership in criminal justice using proper writing mechanics


Ethics and Integrity Assignment Help.

Three (3) important elements of ethics, morality, and integrity that will relate to your desired role in the field of criminal justice.

Law enforcement have important elements which they must all possess. Rules and regulations are known as the code of ethics in the law enforcement world. The morals are what should help you make the day to day decisions. Integrity is what keeps the law enforcement officer honest and fair. The communities that law enforcement polices hold them to the highest standards because they are the ones enforcing the law. Because of this officer must always be professional and lead by example. They should set the standard even when no one is looking. They should be able to enforce the law with the community without abusing their power, in todays society this seems to be a hard task. I would suggest more hands-on training and training more often to keep the officers up to date at appropriate ways to handle situations. When you think about ethics, morality and integrity they should all go hand in hand in the law enforcement world. If you are following the code of ethics it is hard to go wrong. Learn the code and become the code. If all personal aspects are taken out of situations and only morality is used to make the decisions it will be no room for error. Lastly the integrity that is possessed and used will keep the relationship built between community and officers in tack. With all this power it is easy to get overwhelmed and abuse these powers which is why these key elements are important.

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