Explain how the readings relate to the documentary under discussion.

Introduction to Sociology Film Reaction: Race and Racism Please answer the following prompt with as much detail as possible. A well-written essay will demonstrate mastery of concepts presented in the textbook, film, discussed in class and relevance to both sociological inquiry and your personal life. Essays should be no shorter than 4 full-length pages and typed in no larger than 12 fonts and double-spaced. Ensure that you write in both a grammatically correct manner and alignment and spacing utilized are in accordance with standard academic custom. Note that you do not need to utilize outside information; however if you do choose to utilize outside sources (including articles under discussion), please ensure that you cite in accordance to a standard academic format (eg. Mills, 22 or Berger, 15). The paper is due Friday, December 11th 2015 by 11:59 pm in the Assignment Dropbox. Plagiarism or other forms of academic dishonesty will not be tolerated and result in an ungraded assignment (hence a “0” for that assignment). The film The Sixties: The Long March to Freedom (https://vimeo.com/113176619) addresses racial prejudice, racism, politics and segregation in the United States. Discuss the main points of the documentary and how it is substantiated; then, keenly explore the relationship between the film and chapter 11 in the textbook and the articles. In doing so, contrast racism in 1960’s in the U.S. with racism today (with specific reference to Katrina). Explain how the readings relate to the documentary under discussion. Conclude your essay by reflecting on the validity of race from a biological standpoint and discuss to what extent race is a social construction utilizing evidence from your readings.

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