Explain how a film like Star Wars follows the archetypal heroic journey.

you will need to create your own hero myth; however, you will not simply retell a famous story or explain how a film like Star Wars follows the archetypal heroic journey. This assignment will require you to choose someone you know – a family member, a friend, a spouse – someone you find to be a true hero, and explain how their life is a living illustration of the heroic journey. You will need to carefully point out each step of the heroic journey (you can find this in the introduction to the Hero Myths on page 203) and explain how each step has been illustrated in your chose hero’s life. I decided to make this an assignment and not a discussion, just in case you wanted to include some personal details in the narrative. Please make sure that you do not simply retell the events from the life of the individual you choose match the events of their life to the steps presented in the heroic cycle. Your paper must total AT LEAST three pages, typed and double-spaced. Make sure that you explain the steps of the heroic cycle and illustrate how your hero’s journey is a perfect illustration.

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