Executive Summary

Executive Summary

You need to use the data about player drafts in the Continental Football League and the players’ subsequent performance in the league to (a) devise your own chart for valuing draft picks and (b) compare the chart with the one that Coach Smith created and that has been used for years for valuing and trading picks among the teams. All additional details are described in Case 11 (p. 219 in your textbook). You will start out with a “skeleton” a Access database that already contains data about draft picks and players’ performance in the league.


Your zip file will contain the following two files:

1. A Microsoft Access database file named case11.accdb. The database file will contain 5 tables and 6 queries (please see the screenshot below)
2. An Excel file with the following tabs:

Screenshots for each of the tabs are provided below. Please make sure your Charts tab also contains a brief memo (a) comparing the old chart by Coach Smith to your own chart and (b) giving a recommendation to the team’s management.


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