Executive competencies required for Chief Human Resources Officers

Executive competencies required for Chief Human Resources Officers

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This course is designed to help students complete a Master’s Thesis. During this course you will write a literature review and formulate research questions and a hypothesis. As a class, you will brainstorm topics of interest and we will collaboratively discuss research ideas, explore a range of approaches for researching and writing about chosen topicsand draft a research questions and a hypothesis. You will be expected to research and write about your own topic in a step—by—step format, share your progress with peers, and thoughtfully give your peers input by having thoughtful discussions about their work.The research component of the course will include broad reading about your subject area, as well as in—depth analysis of relevant literature. You will be encouraged to consider your own perspective about the literature you’re reading, and to assess, critique, analyze, interpret and synthesize literature in support of your thesis argument.Through this course, you will have opportunities to develop your intellectual ideas and academic writing through both peer and instructor feedback. You will consider how to focus your topic, frame your argument, and express your ideas in an academic style. The course is composed of a series of writing assignments that will culminate in the final assignment of a completed Master’s thesis which will include an Introduction, a Literature review and at least one research question and one hypothesis.


• Identify the difference between a literature review and a book report or paper.
• Select a topic that is relevant and focused
• Locate relevant literature and integrate it into a complete literature review
• Develop a problem statement, an argument and point of view based on your
• Craft at least one research question and one hypothesis based on your literature review.

Milestone Two: Long-Term Personal Financial Goals
In this assignment, revise your personal financial plan, reflecting your learning to date in the course. In this milestone, you will complete  one or both  of the following spreadsheets: Worksheet 5: Maximum Mortgage and Worksheet 6: Lease or Buy, and write a 1-2 page paper.

Now that you expanded your knowledge regarding long-term financing for a home or vehicle purchase as well as any regulatory or recommended insurance requirements, consider the purchase of a new home, vehicle, or both. You may even contemplate the future purchase of a vacation home, or a recreational vehicle. How would these changes affect your financial plan?

Note: If you do not wish to disclose personal financial information to your instructor, please note to change your information or provide an alternative name with the information realistically portrayed. In doing so, the experience of preparing a financial plan for another individual will prepare you to accurately complete your own plan when you are ready. Also, do not disclose the information of an individual other than yourself; remember to keep private information private.

For additional details, please refer to the Milestone Two Guidelines and Rubric document in the Assignment Guidelines and Rubrics section of the course.

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