Evaluation and reflection of Teaching

Evaluation and reflection of Teaching

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Implementation and Evaluation of Teaching
Activity 1: Implementation and evaluation of Teaching Session
• Produce evidence of your teaching session in action in a video clip. Clip should not exceed 30 minutes, so choose the best section of your teaching session that demonstrates the following:
In the video transcripts
talking about:
what is the insulin injection*
how to use the insulin injection *
the right steps to inject the insulin *
side effect of wrong injection of insulin *

That is what i want from you to write
Activity 2: Reflection on Teaching (2,500 words)

Reflect on your learning. Your written reflection should demonstrate the following:
• Examination of own values and ideas about teaching and learning in the light of recent learning and literature provide rationale and support with literature).
• Critical reflection ( using the 5Rs framework )on the how the insights you have gained from this activity have impacted on your capacity to develop teaching plans that will promote positive learning environments and learning experiences for future teaching sessions (provide rationale and support with literature)
• Appropriate reference to your piece of evidence to illustrate points made in your critique

1- What I done( experiences of this unit which is (( clinical education in health and the module is learning and assessment )), what I learned by doing it) and give examples.
2- Critically evaluate my teaching session what is the strength and weakness points by doing this session( please give examples with literature review).focus on weakness points more than the strong points.
3- In the future what should avoid while I am doing teaching session next time. Also what I should develop or improve in the future.


fill the evaluation sheet which is on the file “source of evaluation ” with negative and positive points.

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