Evaluating Evaluations: A Meta-Evaluation Checklist” (http://michaelscriven.info/images

Evaluating Evaluations: A Meta-Evaluation Checklist” (http://michaelscriven.info/images/EVALUATING_EVALUATIONS_8.16.11.pdf).

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Read Michael Scriven’s paper, “Evaluating Evaluations: A Meta-Evaluation Checklist” (http://michaelscriven.info/images/EVALUATING_EVALUATIONS_8.16.11.pdf).
Post your thoughts and reactions about Scriven’s ideas about what he states is important in metaevaluation. After this course, what insights have you gained that would lead you to arrange, or not arrange, the factors differently? Why?
Review two peers’ entries, and comment on how their description illustrates development of their critical thinking skills.

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