European History 1914-1945

European History 1914-1945

Select a topic concerning any aspect of European history between 1914 and 1945. Begin by making a general statement concerning the subject, that is, should make an argument. Provide an account or analysis as it is appropiate, noting the salient features and distinguishing characteristics of the subject. Must relate these to the overall developments. Close paper w/a set of observations or conclusions that make clear both the contemporary and historical significance of the topic.
Length: five full pages
Sources: minimum of three scholarly books related to the topic. List the books used in alphabetical order in a bibliography placed at the end of the paper. when citing a statistic, mention a fact crusial to the argument not commonly known, or quote, you must provide information concerning the source in a note. Avoid quoting historians. Notes are to be numbered consecutively and may be grouped at the end of the text orplaced at the bottom of the page.
Format: Use one inch margins all around and use double space or one and a half space. Use a note when quoting someone. Number of quotations should be kept to a minimum. Include bibliography arranged in alphabetical order by last name of the author at the end of th paper.

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