Eugene Peterson's?Working the Angles

Eugene Peterson’s?Working the Angles

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Eugene Peterson’s?Working the Angles

What should I write?

The purpose of this assignment is?not?to summarize the book’s content. Instead, the purpose is to examine the ideas and thinking reflected in the book’s content. There are three parts to the review: analysis, evaluation, and application.

When writing the?analysis, address the following questions. (Note:?the analysis section should only comprise 1/3 of the total review.)What is the key question/problem/issue the author is addressing?

What is the key question/problem/issue the author is addressing?What is the author’s main purpose in writing this book?What information or evidence does the author use to address this question?What conclusions does the author reach in response to this question?What are the main ideas or key concepts that the reader must understand in order to understand the author’s argument?Does the information/evidence provided support the author’s conclusion?What assumptions underlie the author’s thinking (for example, the author assumes all ministers have seminary training)?

When writing the?evaluation, address the following:

Evaluate the author’s clarity, accuracy, precision, depth, relevance, logic, breadth, and fairness related to the above seven questions.For all of the previous questions, evaluate the strengths and weaknesses or areas of agreement or disagreement with the author(s).Support each of your own claims of agreement or disagreement.

When writing the?application, address the following questions.

Would you recommend this book to someone and who would you recommend it to?Why is it important for this person to read this book or why should individuals not read this book?

How long should it be?

The assignment should be no less than 1000 words in length and no more than 1250 words in length. Using Times New Roman, 12-point font with 1-inch margins, 1000 words will typically equal between 3 and 3.5 double-spaced pages in length. (Words in excess of the maximum will not be read or graded.?Nearly all current word processing applications perform word counts of documents.)

How should I write?

Assignments should be typed, double-spaced, using Times New Roman, Arial or similar font in 12-point size. Papers should be logical, well organized, grammatically accurate and use correct spelling and sentence structure. Papers should demonstrate the ?lucid brevity? that is the hallmark of good academic writing. When quoting material in the book, please reference the page number in parentheses; for example, (p. 23).

How can I earn the most points?

This analysis will be graded specifically according to the rubrics stated below. The analysis should only be 1/3 of your paper.?To earn the most points, address all the components below.

RubricPointsAssignment accurately answers each of the first seven critical analysis questions (5 pts each)35 PtsAssignment clearly evaluates the author?s claims with support (15 pts each)45 PtsAssignment clearly address the application of items (10 pts each)20 PtsAssignment is well-written and comprises a quality, overall critical analysis and evaluation of the book (given the length constraints), and is the correct length and conforms to style guidelines-Pts

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