Ethics: Theory and Contemporary Issues 8th Edition

One of the requirements of any ethics class is that students read primary source materials concerning an issue covered in the course. So

in this final essay, please choose one of the issues that we have covered in the second half of the course from euthanasia to global

issues. Once you have chosen an issue that you are interested in, you are to read the two essays at the end of the weekly readings

concerning it. The paper will be a compare and contrast paper evaluating the different points of view of those two authors. In order to

write this paper you need to:

1. Determine each author’s view concerning the issue.
2. State all of the reasons why each author believes in his point of view. Explain each of his reasons fully.
3. Explain the similarities and differences between the points of view of the two authors.
4. State which of the authors makes the most reasonable case concerning the issue. Do not use personal opinion here. Use the moral

principles stated in Unit 2 to
substantiate any position you decide to take.

Given the nature of this essay, it should be lengthy — perhaps 6 pages or more. Double space the paper, with your name on the first page

top left. State the name of the course and also the date below your name. Use quotation marks when appropriate, and use in-text citation.

You are not to use any outside source; use only the essays in the text.

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