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Ethics Reflection Paper

Academic Level: Bachelor
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In your reflection explain what you would do if you were in that situation and explain Why- Be sure to identify what ethical reasoning you are using as
explained in the ethics lesson-
Is the situation as described in the exercise ethical? Be sure to support your choice clearly and using ethical theory from the ethics lesson- Is it
legal? WhyNVhy not? What do you think the best ethical and legal solution would be? (How would you handle it ethically and legally if you were
making the decision?)
You can also support your choice by finding What companies have done in similar positions or blogs or other opinions on What should be done
(which you can agree with or disagree with)-
You do NOT have to answer any questions printed in the scenario-
In the end be sure that you have considered the situation carefully and that you are comfortable With your position on the issue. You Will be graded
on how well you defend your position beyond just emotions/feelings/opinions without any support-

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