Ethics and Criminal Justice

Please use the library, Internet, or other media sources to find articles relating to racial profiling, and answer the following questions in a 2–4-page paper:

  • Is racial profiling a matter of discretion or ethics?
  • What are the ethical and moral dimensions of racial profiling?
  • How do people judge other people that they meet?
  • Why do people judge people by how they look, how they act, or how they present themselves?

Also, be sure to include the following:

  • Discussion of police culture, discretion, and use of force
  • Ethics and codes of ethics: at least 3 examples from these areas
  • An application of ethical and moral concepts to your decision-making process
  • A discussion of which of the following ethical or moral concepts are present with racial profiling:
    • Normative ethics
    • Consequentialism
    • Deontology
    • Virtue ethics

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