Question 1  Ethical principles
In lecture, six different ethical principles were identified. These are:
1) the Golden Rule
2) Descartes’ rule of change
3) Kant’s categorical imperative
4) the Utilitarian Principle
5) the Principle of Least Harm
6) the “no free lunch” principle
To complete this question, do each of the following:
a) using two to three sentences, identify the main tenets of each of the six principles given above,

Problem 2)  Is IS a professional field?
First recount, below, the six requirements, identified in lecture, of a profession. Then, for each requirement, identify whether or not the information systems field meets each of these requirements?

Question 2  – 1984

(a) Find three passages from the text that specifically deal with some aspect of information privacy. Each passage must consist of at least three sentences and can extend to a full paragraph. Although a specific edition of 1984 is required for the class, I realize that each student may have a different edition. Therefore, I ask that you reprint the entire passage in your homework document. In addition, provide a complete citation of your 1984 text. You must use APA format. If you are unfamiliar with APA format, you can refer to the APA style guide found at:
(b) Write a short paragraph (three – five sentences) specifying how each of your selected passages treats the concept of information privacy. You should consider items such as:
– what metaphor of privacy is used to characterize the information privacy issue:
– information privacy as a possession
– information privacy as a physical space
– information privacy as a right
– how the information privacy was diminished
– how the aspect of information privacy is important to the well-being of a particular
– which step(s) of the information flow (information life cycle) are impacted
– if the information itself identified in the passage is public or private information

Your answer should consist of at least three paragraphs, each dealing with the individual passage you select from the text. Don’t forget to include the citation of your edition of 1984.

Question 3 – 1984

Identify one major theme of the book 1984 that is related to information privacy.

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