Ethan Nadelmann: The War on Drugs is Racist

Watch the video available at:

After watching it, please discuss what we can do with this information.

First of all, do you believe that his argument is accurate? Do we target specific drugs to identify as illegal/immoral based largely on who typically uses the drug in the U.S.?

Next, what does/should that mean in terms of enforcement? What approach should we use when we find that a person is using a drug that is defined as illegal or is using a “legal” drug (such as alcohol) in excess?

The War on Drugs is Racist

Sample Solution

Secondly, communication, whether verbally or nonverbally, is an important skill for international managers. A culture of communication refers to expected ways of communicating and of interpreting others’ communication i Ethan Nadelmann: The War on Drugs is Racist n a cultural group. It is important to note that participants in a communication process do not only carry cultural behaviour and concepts into it, but also use their culture to interpret and assess other people’s words and actions (Harris & McNamara, 2002). As noted in the p Ethan Nad Ethan Nadelmann: The War on Drugs is Racist elmann: The War on Drugs is Racist receding chapter (chapter 2), Hall and Hall (1995) developed a framework of context cultures. They defined two types of context cultures: low-context cultures and high-context cultures. This concept tries to explain how cultural context influences the communication between two different cultures. Context is defined as the information that surrounds an event, it is inextricably bou Ethan Nadelmann: The War on Drugs is Racist nd up with the meaning of that event (Nishimura, Nevgi & Tella, 2008). On the one hand, low-context cultures can be characterized by communication between part Ethan Nadelmann: The War on Drugs is Racist ies, in which the message is explicit and detailed. So, most of the information is contained in the message itself. On the other hand, high-context cultures’ communication can be defined as less explicit and detailed information carried in the message itself. Thus, the receiver has to understand the context of the message (Mehta, 2006). It is, therefore, crucial to understand what kind of culture you are working with in order to prevent miscommunications. Consequently, cultural sensitivity competence is especially important in ord Ethan Nadelmann: The War on Drugs is Racist er to prevent misunderstandings which could result in accelerating conflict between partners and thus minimizing flows of information and learning (Lyles & Salk, 1996). However, the concept of conflict itself can also be experienced differently in cultures. For instance, in the American culture it can be viewed as an inevitable part of a relationship, which will eventually result in a better strategic decision, however, in the Japanese cultures an intense conflict or discussion are regarded as a loss of face (Parkhe, 1991). Additionally, as mentioned before, in the communication process people do not only communicate by words, but also by body language (La Ethan Nadelmann: The War on Drugs is Racist France & Mayo, 1978). Non-verbal communication includ>

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