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estimated vo2 max data

(1) Compares the values produced from the tests based on sex (a bar graph or table would be ok here) or (2) xamine the rela onship between body mass and the es mated V 2max values from the Rockport
walk test (this is a scatter plot with an added trendline and r2 value – don’t forget to find the square root of the r2 value in order to get the r-value as it is the r-value that is the measure of
the correlation) In the discussion section: Using the data in the results section and the literature as evidence: You need to be able to demonstrate that you understand what validity and
reliability means and why they are important concepts. You will need to look at the values produced and determine whether the measures are in close agreement or not. If the measures are wildly
different, then why might that be? If you are aiming for higher marks, explain the gender differences or the relationship that you have observed between body mass and V 2max. If the relationship
was weak why might that have been (what other factors could contribute)? If the relationship was strong why? Don’t forget to refer back to your results often to support your points.  In the
conclusion section: Summarise the main points/findings. Some potentially useful search terms: Validity and reliability of Queen’s Step Test/Rockport Walk Test Normative values of V 2 in healthy
adults Gender differences in maximal V 2 /oxygen consumption Relationship between body mass and V 2 / oxygen consumption

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