Essay review

Essay review

– Summary in your own words of the article” Valuing Emerging Market Equities—A Pragmatic Approach Based on the Empirical Evidence” together with an appraisal of it.

– review essay should be roughly 50% summary & 50% appraisal.

Extra reading:
1. Book: Geert Bekaert and Robert Hodrick, 2012 (2nd edition), International Financial Management, Pearson International” from chapter 1-17. (first priority)

2. Becker C, Fabbro D, 2006, “Limiting foreign exchange exposure through hedging: The Australian experience”, Reserve Bank Discussion Paper.
3. Rush A, Sadeghian D, Wright M, 2013, “Foreign currency exposure and hedging in Australia”, Reserve Bank Bulletin, pp49-57. <>

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