Essay 4: Argumentation

Essay 4: Argumentation
Patterns for College Writing

Purpose: The main focus for this essay will be arguing a debatable issue; providing evidence to support a thesis; refuting opposing viewpoints; and successfully incorporating quotes.

Prompt: Take a stand on one of following debatable topics. Your paper must correctly cite one essay from the textbook and at least two professional primary sources


Important Details:
• Minimum word count: 1200
• Points: 100
• Demonstrate correct MLA formatting.
• Correctly quote from at least three professional sources, showing in-text citation and a Works Cited page.
• Use 1” margins and Times or Times New Roman 12 font; insert a header on each page; and provide a creative title that is centered
• Your essay should include the following components: an introduction, body and conclusion.

Introduction (1 Paragraph)
Your opening paragraph should introduce the subject you’ve chosen and clearly lead up to a thesis that identifies a controlling idea or dominant impression. Your audience is a college-level reader, like yourself. While you might be discussing a topic that is personal and familiar, I will expect you to maintain a formal and creative tone.

Body Paragraphs
Each body paragraph should demonstrate a logical method of organization pertinent to this writing mode. Begin each body paragraph with a topic sentence that supports your thesis, and thoroughly build on this idea by using concrete details, commentary and smooth transitions. Elaborate and develop a point before moving on to the next paragraph.

Conclusion (1 Paragraph)
A concluding paragraph will return to the essay’s thesis and overall theme in a fresh way.

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