ERP systems in Retail industry in UAE

Assignment 1 ERP systems in Retail industry in UAE

Distinguish between different ERP systems currently available and decide between alternatives based on organizational criteria.

Retail industry choose Oracle as ERP system.
4 pages paper- single-spaced, size 10 font with one inch margin all round

Present recommendations and supporting arguments for the selection of an appropriate ERP (Oracle) system for a business entity in the UAE industry.
– Identify management priorities resulting in organizational priorities that the chosen ERP must address
– Survey alternative ERP systems and discuss strengths and weaknesses for each, and identify and report on the key features of the recommended ERP that support it as the choice technology for the firm( management information systems)
– Describe socio-economic issues that impact on the decision for the ERP and develop a position for the firm across these issues for a specified country or culture where the organization is located
– Develop a human resource management implementation plan for the ERP system, to support the ERP’s long term sustainability.


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