Environments and Experiences That Inspire and Support Development and Learning

Each of the people you studied this week—<Johann Pestalozzi, Fredrich Froebel, John Dewey, and Maria Montessori – developed his or her philosophy of education based on personal and professional experiences. Each was interested in understanding and defining the environments, experiences, and resources that inspire children’s learning.

For this section of your Professional Philosophy of Teaching and Learning:

  • Think about the people that you studied this week and what you have learned. Carefully choose at least five points that have inspired your thinking and helped clarify, expand, and/or deepen your philosophy of education with regard to environments, experiences, and resources that define and inspire teaching and learning. Then, summarize these five points in such a way that also explains how these philosophers have influenced your philosophy of education and the environment you hope to create. Be sure to cite the sources of each of the points you include.
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