Environmental Impacts

Environmental Impacts

Select an industrial/commercial sector in Canada (but not the mining and
mineralogy, or the protective coatings (paint) industries) that has been in
existence for at least 10 years. For the sector you select, describe:
1) the “traditional” main sources of environmental emissions (solid, liquid
and/or gaseous) that the sector could be responsible for. This should
include brief descriptions of what operational activities create these
2) the likely negative impacts that these emissions may have on human health
and on the natural environment (water, soil and/or air). Are these impacts
local, regional or global, or indeed a combination?
3) what measures (e.g., use of new technology, alternative process or
practices, alternate raw materials etc.) has the sector put in place over the
past 40 years to reduce or eliminate these emissions.
Your report should be fully referenced within the text, including any pictures or diagrams
used. It should start with an Abstract at the beginning (no more than 8 lines). The Abstract
should be followed by an Introduction, then any subsequent Sections that cover the above
three requirements.
Finally, include a Conclusion section that provides an overall discussion of the key points
arising from the entire report. The Conclusions should be no more than one page. Also
make sure you include at the end of the report a list of all References used in the text.
For a guide on how to use references in the text and compile a reference list, refer to the
separate Assignment Guidelines loaded up on D2L and/or an article in a refereed engineering
On-line encyclopedias, such as Wikipedia, are not acceptable as a reference – you must
quote the original source (e.g., journal article, book, technical report, company website etc.).
Any blatant copying of other work, such as cutting and pasting of text from web pages,
will be penalized.
Please place a hard (paper) copy of your report in my mail slot in the Engineering
School Office, on or before 19th October 2015. Soft copies (e.g., email attachments)
cannot be accepted.
This assignment is worth up to 30% of the overall course assessment

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