Environmental Health Food Legislation

Environmental Health Food Legislation
Note: Should be done by a writer who is familiar with food legislations
Essay Question: “The inspection of food businesses are the primary means to ensure food safety” Assess this statement, considering the role of Environmental Health Practitoners and others in ensuring food safety.

Guidance: This question requires the student to look at HACCP systems and SFBB;identify what they are; what are the concepts they are based upon; why is food safety important; what is the relevant legislation in relation to food safety; what are the powers avaliable to Envrionmental Health Practitoners; consider the range of enforcement options and interventions avaliable to Environmental Health Practitoners(please do not simply just describe what HACCP means, produce a list of the legislation or powers avaliable to EHPs but think of the concepts that underpin them and discuss the influence they have).

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