Environmental Assessment of’Coire Glas Hydro Scheme

Environmental Assessment of’Coire Glas Hydro Scheme

Scottish and Southern Energy has plans to develop a pumped storage hydroelectric power
station at Coire Glas near Loch Lochy, North West of Fort William.
Pumped storage schemes involve two bodies of water at different heights. During periods of
low demand for power, electricity is used to pump water from the lower loch to the upper
reservoir. The water is released to create energy at a time when demand is high.
A key advantage of developing a pumped Storage scheme at Coire Glas is the site’s
proximity to a large lower reservoir (Loch Lochy). There is significant elevation of around
5oom between the upper and lower reservoir sites over a relatively short distance.
As an environmental consultant representing the‘ ene.rgy+’-company, you are required to
provide an initial environmental statement as part of the Environmental lm pact Assessment.
The assignment will be worth 50% of the marks of the module. I
Your task for this assessment is to carry out a preliminary scoping study on the site and
identify whatthe main impacts are as well as how they can be managed and mitigated. Your
advice should relate to what you see to be the main concerns that the SEPA and Highland
Council planning officers may have in relation to this proposal. You will therefore need to
advise the company as to the viability of their proposal, based on environmental grounds.
Marking Guidelines
Introduction (setting the scene) 10%
Description of the site (baseline) 20%
Assessment of impacts 20% 1
Discussion of impacts 30% “'”7 [00″ch,,f 9 atm I ma”
Conclusion (summary advice to GCC) 10%
Structure and referencing 10%
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