Environment Book Assignment

An acceptable book for the book assignment will have the following characteristics:

Non-fiction (no novels)

Suitable topic (something to do with the environment)

One author only

More than 150 pages

Not a textbook

WARNING: If you choose a fiction book, or a book with more than one author, or a book with an editor and not an author, or a book that is less than 150 pages in length, etc. Your maximum grade will be 50%.

Prepare a book assignment having the following format:

Part 1 Tombstone (10 points)

Title; sub-title (if any)


Publisher, Date of Publication

How you obtained the book.

You should also outline in point form the author’s background (including educational background) and important issues raised in the book. This part must be a maximum of 1 page.

Part 2 Outline Structure of the Book (15 points)

Point form outline of the book’s sections and/or chapters. With each section and/or chapter include in your point form list the author’s main ideas associated with the section or chapter (max of 3 per chapter). This part must be no longer than 2 pages. You are expected to stay within the page limit. For books with many chapters it may be necessary to aggregate chapters in order to stay within the page limit.

Part 3 Point of the Book (20 points)

Describe in complete sentences what you think was the author’s reason for writing the book. What was the author’s main opinion or point? What was the basis for the author’s opinion/point? This part must be a maximum of 1 page.

Part 4 Connection with the world-views (40 points)

1. Which of the four myths of nature (benign, tolerant, ephemeral, capricious) best describes the book overall? I’m looking for a one myth answer, not “the book is benign here and ephemeral there.” Use the Steg and Sievers reference for the Myths of Nature under OTHER COURSE MATERIAL!

2. What are the reasons for your choice?

3. What are the reasons for your reasons?

This part must be a maximum of 2 pages.

Organization/readability/editing/references (15 points)

Any material you refer to or quote should be given a reference (a reference page should be included at the end of the assignment) and a citation in the body of the assignment. Material not accompanied by a citation and reference will not be graded.


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