English Homework Custom Essay

One page

Work alone.


Answers only

No blank lines

Be fully specific.

MLA-Style heading

Times New Roman 12-pt

Grade penalty if over one page

Between 30 and 40 words per answer

Explain why the quotations are part of the text

Give word counts in parentheses after each answer.

1. CURLY: I’ll pay the rest next trip.

2. WALSH: I don’t know. The traffic was pretty loud. I only heard one thing—apple core.

3. They pass Mulwray and a slender blonde girl in a summer dress, drifting in their rowboat, Mulwray fondly doting on the girl.

4. GARDENER: Bad for glass.

5. ESCOBAR: No, he drowned a cousin of mine with about five hundred other people. But they weren’t very important, just a bunch of dumb Mexicans living by a dam.

6. MORTY: We got water out of him, Jake.

7. IDA’S VOICE: No, Mr. Gittes. Just look in the obituary column of today’s Times.

8. PILOT: She ran off to Mexico. Rumor was she was knocked up and didn’t even know who the father was. Went there to get rid of it.

9. CROSS: I’ll double whatever your fees are and I’ll pay you ten thousand dollars if you can find Hollis’ girlfriend.

10. GITTES: What are you waiting for? Get in the car.

11. GITTES: Actually this hasn’t happened to me in some time.

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