English 101

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Writing a personal Narrative.

The purpose of a personal narrative is to write about one specific event in your life.( about oneself)
Told in the first person
Focus on only one specific event in your life.
Thesis should not be broad- When you write the thesis highlight it in yellow. please.

The topic is when I went to Disney world in florida when I was six. My mother was leaving for korea and she wanted to take us to Disney world before she left for a year.
I couldn’t get on the big rides so I went on the all the little rides, tea cup, merry go round, boat rides etc. I meet all the Disney characters. I ate a lot of great food and desserts. It was me my mom, brother, mother , father , uncle and aunt an cousin .

The first sentence can describe the setting using sensory words

Personal narrative tone- make sure the tone matches the story
Set the tone by describing a character’s mood or emotions without stating them outright.

Using dialogue in a personal narrative:
use dialogue to
tell someone else in the story what you did
tell what you said
tell someone else in the story what another

Writing a good ending for a personal narrative
A good ending for a personal narrative tells the outcome and is reflective. Your outcome should indicate why the story was important to you or why it was interesting.


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