Lab Reports. For each lab session, students are to turn in an A3 report on what they
accomplished during the previous lab. The reports are due one week after the lab session, and
students are required to submit the reports through blackboard. The A3 report is a max two-page
report that should contain the following information, as appropriate.
• Theme. Includes Lab title, submission date, student’s name, student’s ID, name of
group, and lab section.
• Lab Objectives.
• Procedures. An overview of the actions taken to meet the objectives. Note actions
that are not detailed in, or deviate from, the lab manual. Note any machine settings used.

• Discussion. Reflect on what you accomplished and what you learned. How does the
material connect with other engineering knowledge you have? Questions for discussion
may be suggested in the lab manual, but the discussions are not limited to these suggested

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