Engaging with Politics


This assessment item requires students to select a political issue of interest. This can be a local, state, or federal issue. There are two components to this assessment. The first component takes the form of a series of questions and answers about the political issue chosen by the student. These will require short answer responses, and is worth 15 marks. The questions to address will be available in the Assessment folder on the [email protected] site for this course. The second component of this assessment item requires students to draft a submission to government regarding the political issue they have chosen. This will be worth 25 marks. In total, the assessment piece is worth 40 marks (40%).


Question 1:
What is the issue, how did you find out about it, and what sources did you use to research it?

Question 2:
Which level/s of government is involved? (e.g. local, state, or federal government) and which would you target primarily if you wanted to be heard on this issue? Why?

Question 3:
Identify the Members of Parliament and/or Ministers with whom you would raise this issue. Are they members of the Government or the Opposition? Who would you target primarily? Why?


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