End of LIfe- Reflection paper

Reflection paper- This entails the description of a non-human loss in your life, including:
what the loss involved?
How you felt about it?
How the situation was resolved or not resolved?
How you feel about it now?
You can use the loss of a “family member”, my dog Hershey, who I had since I was 5 and was with us for 15 years. His last year he was deteriorating due to tumors and arthritis. Losing weight, needing help getting up and having accident around the house in his old age. We were kind of selfish because we knew he was suffering but we tried to keep him around and comfort him as much as possible but then as a family decided to put him to sleep.
Please relate this to End of life, I know its similar because we had gone through the grieving stages like losing a human but the difference was a few months later we invested our love to a new dog.
****Don’t have to use sources but our textbook is Palliative Care Nursing: Caring for Suffering Patients by Kathleen Perrin


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