Employment Interview: Questions

Employment Interview: Questions

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For this assignment students will reflect on the interview process, qualifications for employment, and characteristics that the students possess. The written submission should address the following:

Prepare a list of questions (3 questions) to ask a potential employer in a job interview. These questions should be related to the position desired, role within the organization, or personal/professional development. The questions should be specific, relevant, and thoughtful. Items like “how much will I get paid?” or “how many vacation days do I get?” are not appropriate for this assignment.
Compile a list of information (3 items) you would want a potential employer to know about you
Lastly, prepare a list of questions (3 questions) that you, as a program director, would want to ask a potential employee in a job interview. Be sure to include questions that address the specific developmental needs of the children and youth being served.
All submissions should be double spaced, written in complete sentences, and free from spelling/grammatical

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