Emirati females

Respond to the following questions
1.“Nonetheless, the greatest barriers to participation of Emirati females in the workforce remain social and cultural factors. These can include social and family obligations that prevent workforce participation, the refusal of male family members to grant females permission to seek work, and perceived social and cultural factors that discourage females from joining the workforce.”
(Limit your response to a maximum of 400 words)
2.“One recent study found that in addition to pointing to deficits in technical skills, employers point to weaknesses in the areas of ‘communication, interpersonal skills, customer relations, and work ethics’ among college graduates.”
(Limit your response to a maximum of 400 words)
3.The limited number of native physicians/nurses raises the concern as to whether language barriers, religion and sociocultural differences between the majority expatriates who come from diverse educational and cultural backgrounds, and their patients would affect the quality of health care.

“In the UAE, medical training is recent but lacks the necessary funds; the career development activities are uncoordinated, and there is no systematic performance appraisal. . . The continuing education programmes are episodic and often unplanned. The quality of care offered by the physicians and nurses thus bound to deteriorate over time.”

“Compared to neighbouring countries, UAE physicians are blessed with better salaries,” DrAlseiari said, “but take into consideration the number of working hours, the extensive training, the calls and liabilities, all of these make the medical profession less appealing”
(Limit your response to a maximum of 400 words)
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