Emerging Technologies.

explain the necessity of continued professional development and lifelong learning for imaging professionals. Furthermore,demonstrate effective written communication skills necessary for imaging professionals.
Purpose:research and analyze an emerging technology or movement in the imaging sciences according following the instructions below.
Ideas topics
you might consider are:
• CARE Bill/RadCARE bill
• Radiologist Assistants
• Emerging trends in:
o Cardiovascular interventional radiology
o Mammography
o Diagnostic imaging
o Nuclear medicine
o Sonography
o Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
o Computed tomography
o Bone densitometry
o Patient safety/Radiation Safety initiatives
o Quality control/quality assurance
o PACs
o Computer Aided Detection (CAD)
o Education
• Professional development issues:
o Leadership development
o Retention and job satisfaction
o Career advancement
o Continued practice proficiency/Methods for assessing continued competency
• Other topics of student interest will also be considered for approval.

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