Elements of a film.

1.Tell us about a film where you thought the costumes were amazing, and maybe also one where you thought the costumes were bad and actually detracted from the film. What was it about the costumes that made them good or not so good?

2.When you talk to your friends about a film, what are the elements of the film that come up most often? Story? Acting? The ending? Do you think that what you have discussed comes up most often because it is most important, or because it is what you personally look for in films? Please explain.

3.Tell us about a recent talk with a friend about a film and how it went, and who “won?” 🙂 If you feel you “won,” what points did you bring up that supported your argument?

4.How important is a film’s context to its overall effect? If a film is watched out of context, do you think its meaning would be lost? For example, think of a movie from the decade you were born or another film of your choice, as long as it is at least 10 years old. If the movie was watched now, would it be viewed differently? If so, how?

5.Discuss what forms of propaganda you see in films today in our society? Name some films, fictional or documentary, that you believe can be considered propaganda, and explain why.

6.Discuss a film that you would consider to be a period piece, and explain why you believe it is one and not more specifically of some other genre.

7.Discuss how thinking about the filmmaker can help us more fully understand the meaning or intention of a film, or affect how we as the audience might view that film. How about the country or region and the time period in which it was made?

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