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Operational Amplifier Design                                                                                                                          4MA005 Coursework 1

This coursework is designed to promote familiarity with basic operational amplifier configurations and the use of the circuit simulation software.

You are required to design an operational amplifier stage which is compliant with a unique specification determined from your student identification (SID) number.

Aassume that the operational amplifier is ideal. All work should be word processed and submitted on-line via Wolf. The requested submission format is Adobe Acrobat pdf using your SID number for the filename (eg 1234567.pdf).

Use this document as a template for the submission of your report.


Record you SID number in the grid below:

1 4 0 2 3 4 7

Your operational amplifier stage specification is determined as follows:

It must be a non-inverting amplifier stage.

The last five numbers are the input resistance (impedance) in ohms, in the example this is 34567ohms or 34.567 kohms

The third and fourth digits are the gain of your amplifier stage, in the example 34.

Record your personal specification below: (2 marks)

Gain =

Input impedance =

The first task is to design an operational amplifier stage that is compliant with your specification. Your answer should include a clear schematic diagram of the stage from Partsim or Circuit Wizard and a clear justification of how the component values have been selected to comply with the specification.

Insert the schematic diagram of the operational amplifier stage here: (10 marks)

Insert the justification for how the component values were derived here: (12 marks)

The next task is to employ the circuit simulation facilities to demonstrate that the design performs to specification. You should present simulation results along with a clear explanation of what they show to confirm that:

The stage is non-inverting (2 marks)

Insert simulation results and explanation here:

The stage gain is as specified (12 marks)

Insert simulation results and explanation here:

The stage input impedance is as specified (12 marks)

Insert simulation results and explanation here:

Note: it is very important that the work submitted is an individual effort. The penalties for plagiarism are severe.


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