Electoral roles

How could current election laws be changed so that more citizens go to the polls on Election Day? One suggestion is to hold elections on nonworkdays, such as holidays or weekends, instead of workdays, as is the current practice in the United States. Interestingly, however, the mean turnout in democracies holding elections on workdays is actually higher than the mean turnout in democracies holding elections on nonworkdays. The following table reports the mean turnouts and standard errors for eighteen workday democracies and forty nonworkday democracies:16 figure

A. What is the difference between the mean turnout in workday countries and the mean turnout in nonworkday countries? State the null hypothesis for the workday-nonworkday comparison.

B. What is the standard error of the difference between the workday mean and the nonworkday mean? Calculate the t-statistic.

C. Does the mean difference pass the eyeball test of significance? What is your inferential decision: reject the null hypothesis or do not reject the null hypothesis? Explain.



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