Egoism: The Case of Bernie Madoff

Egoism: The Case of Bernie Madoff

Plot/Background: In 2008, Bernie Madoff admitted to swindling American investors out of $65 billion dollars over the previous two decades. Read the following link to learn more. (Links to an external site.)

Question: Using what you know about Ethical Egoism, defend or criticize Madoff’s actions. Be sure to illustrate a thorough knowledge of Ethical Egoism in your essay, as that will be a significant part of your grade.

Standard for paper:
Papers should be in a standard 12-point font (e.g. Times New Roman or Cambria), with 1” x 1.25” margins, and double–spaced. Pages must be numbered and labeled according to MLA conventions. The top left hand side should include your name, the date, the course, and the name of your instructor.

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