Effectiveness simulator

NOTE: Since creating this assignment, the website named in the article to access the Organizational Effectiveness Simulator by Booz & Co. is no longer available. To find the simulator, you may goggle “Organizational Effectiveness Simulator” or click on the following link to go straight to the simulator:
/boozhttps://www.simulator-orgeffectiveness.com/booz .
In your group, play the Organization Effectiveness Simulator (Booz&Co.) found in the week 1 article, “The Secrets to Successful Strategy Execution” by Neilson, Martin, and Powers (in sidebar article, “Test-Drive Your Organization’s Transformation” on page 10).
1. Copy and paste onto one Word Document your results, decisions and execution scores for each of the two years in your submission.
2. Copy the Summary & Recommendations page including the comparison of execution scores for each group member.
3. Note what you learned about organizational design decisions from this simulation.
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