Effectiveness of Toastmasters in Enhancing Saudi Female Elementary-school Students’ Speaking Proficiency: Advantages and Drawbacks Essay Dissertation Help

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Write an essay research on the effectiveness of toasters in enhancing Saudi Female Elementary-school Students’ Speaking Proficiency based on the following;

Participants: 2 groups – 20 each group
The study comprised 40 students Saudi female elementary students at Neyar private school.
Age: the age of participants ranged between (12-15) years.
All the participants had studied English 8 years.
Place: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
The proficiency level of the students is ranged between ( )
The students were divided into two a control group and an experimental group. Each group consists of 20 students.
This study was conducted during the second semester of the year 2017.
The study period:6 weeks .
Time for each students to talk ; 5 to 8 minutes
Each week talk about different topics
A pre-speaking test was given to the two groups in order to identify their speaking proficiency.

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