Ecuadorian Tilapia Industry Analysis – Tilapia Aquaculture in Ecuador.

It is important here to include a comparison between Ecuador today�s tilapia pricing strategy VS. other direct and main competitor countries in Latin America such as Honduras. Analyze for example what strategy Honduras is using today and why even though they (Honduras) being more expensive, the United States (main tilapia buyer) is buying more from them than Ecuador.-(3 pages)

2)Today�s world tilapia market ( brief 2 paragraph summary).

3)Ecuador�s Rivalry and Strategy (positive and negative key points/aspects such as Government participation and politics, trading barriers, policies, taxes procedures, competitiveness practices, property rights, laws in general, strength of intellectual property and much more others to point out as important factors).-(2 pages)

4) Conclusion and Recommendations for the Ecuadorian Tilapia industry to improve in the future.


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