Economics/Marketing Outline Pt.2

Economics/Marketing Outline Pt.2

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Learning Activity #2: Economics/Marketing Outline
Select a publicly traded company. The following elements regarding economic impact on the company should be addressed in outline form. (Marketing elements are bolded below).

1. Demand and Supply
2. Marginal and Total Utility
3. Money and Banking
4. Economic Growth and Development
5. Income and Employment
6. General Price Level
7. Trade Cycles
8. Inflation
9. Recession
10. Exchange Rate
11. Rate of Interest
12. Government Regulations
13. SWOT Analysis
14. Target Market
15. Competitors
16. Pricing Strategy

The Purdue Owl website provides information on the development of an outline at

APA format is required for this assignment. A title page, citations, and a reference list should be included.

This entire outline including what you completed in Week Three is due

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