Economic Indicator Research & Report

Your task:
Choose a country other than China or the United States to conduct economic research on. (I’d prefer France because there are some news reports on France’s economy recently)

Use internet research to find:
1. Real GDP (or PPP) and Real GDP growth rates from 2007-2011
2. Inflation rates from 2007-2011
3. Unemployment rates from 2007-2011

Write a report that explains what happened to GDP, inflation and unemployment during the above period. Your report should include, highlight and define the terms:

Real GDP, Real GDP Growth, Inflation, CPI, Unemployment Rate, Cyclical Unemployment, Fiscal Policy, Monetary Policy

Your report should explain:

1. The expected relationship between changes GDP growth rate, unemployment & inflation
2. The degree to which the data from your country reflects these expectations
3. A general explanation of how governments can use monetary and fiscal policy to minimize the impact of economic recessions
4. One specific action that the government of the country you are researching took to minimize the impact of economic recessions
5. A very general evaluation of how successful the government was at getting the economy out of the recession

Sites to help with your research could include:

In addition, you should use one additional article to find information to help you answer part 4. You will need to conduct internet research to find this information. Search engine sites that can help you find relevant articles include:


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