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Topic: Economic homework!

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International Electronic Commerce. Practical Exercise.

Buy something in another country using Interne. It could a coin, clothes, and an auto part (anything you like). Answer the following questions. Each answer should have at least 50 words, supported by data, examples, and references.

1. How did you choose the supplier?
2. Describe the product and the price. How was the total price calculated? Attached the invoice and a photo.
3. Describe the exchange rate that was used. The relationship between the foreign currency and the dollar was beneficial or not for you?
4. Logistics: how was the product shipped? Did you have to pay US taxes or tariffs? Did the product arrive well?
5. Documents: which were the main export/import documents used? Which could be the possible problems if they are not done well?
6. Legal issues. Which laws and regulations did you have to take into consideration? Be specific.
7. Conclusions and reflections.

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